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Independent, international and industry-leading

Medix Biochemica is a market-leading in vitro diagnostics raw material supplier with Finnish roots and global branches. We produce and supply high-quality antibodies, antigens and other critical IVD raw materials to enable our IVD customers to manufacture diagnostic tests and supporting materials all around the world. Our expertise covers market segments from immunoassay, clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics. Our capabilties include biospecimen accruals and contract manufacturing. With the most comprehensive raw material portfolio in the IVD world, and a team made up of the best minds in the business, we’re ready to shorten your time to market and build quality into every one of your tests. Across disciplines and disease areas, whatever you need, chances are we IVDo that

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Independent, international and industry-leading?

We I.V.DO that ™

We’ve got offices and manufacturing facilities all round the world
St. Louis, MO, USA
Weston, FL, USA
Espoo, Finland
Besançon, France
Konstanz, Germany
Shanghai, China
We’re a truly global company with a proudly Finnish background

Big ambitions and big acquisitions?

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We’ve dedicated decades to IVD,
making bold moves and big acquisitions
to help us build our expertise and
expand what we can offer you

Medix Biochemica founded in Finland

Monoclonal antibodies on an industrial scale

Medix Biochemica China established

Local service for the Chinese IVD industry

Medix Biochemica USA established

Local service for North American customers

Lee Biosolutions acquired

World-leading products and expertise on native proteins

EastCoast Bio and Biostride acquired

Radically more antibodies and antigens, especially for drugs of abuse and veterinary and infectious deseases testing

MedixMDx established and Diaclone acquired

Kickstarted molecular diagnostics offering, plus unique antibodies and assays for immuno-oncology and inflammation

myPOLS Biotec & Bioresource Technology acquired

Extending our diagnostics offering and broadening our base matrix capabilities

Our industry-leading IVD experts have decades of experience in the development of essential raw materials for diagnostic applications

André Fernandes


Selling involves lots of different activities, a very important part of my work is to identify new clients and new business opportunities within the existing customer base. Being able to work for a dynamic company with a team that is looking to succeed and continuously evolve is very interesting. Even having a remote role, the relationship with my direct team is fantastic. We work in a very collaborative way, almost as if we were physically together.

Matt Dobbs


My main role is to purify raw materials to meet our final product specifications. I help Medix Biochemica in succeeding by ensuring quality product is produced in a reliable, repeatable, and well documented manner on time. The variation of different products I purify, and the various methods used for the targeted product purity make my job exciting.

Vincent Chen


I work for Medix Biochemica across China (including mainland, Hong kong, Taiwan and Macau), as well as being part of the global team. What energizes me about working here is being part of a team that's developing and constantly achieving.



Customers, teamwork, and protein biochemistry are what make me tick. Along with business leaders and our R&D team, I help develop our technological capabilities, partnerships, and our mid-to-long-term product portfolio strategies.

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We’re trusted by leading names in the IVD industry – we work with 23 out of the 25 biggest global IVD companies

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Sales team leader
Quality material, knowledgeable people, never seen an issue with supply or material suitability
International sourcing

Essential raw materials for all
your assay development needs?

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Molecular diagnostics

Molecular diagnostics

DNA / RNA polymerases, mastermixes, assays, liquid and lyophilized

Molecular diagnostics


Normal / healthy, disease state, tissues, fluids, swabs



Monoclonal / polyclonal antibodies


Cardiac, infectious diseases, inflammation, tumor markers


Chemiluminescence, ELISA, POCT, turbidimetry, flow cytometry

Controls and calibrators

Controls and calibrators

Clinical chemistry enzymes, lipoproteins, antigens, small molecules, base matrices

Controls and calibrators
Custom services

Custom services

Contract manufacturing, assay development, custom development

Custom Services

End-to-end expertise?

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Our expertise spans the entire
development process, so you
can be confident that we can
help you get to market faster.

End-to-end expertise?

We I.V.DO that ™

Our expertise spans the entire
development process, so you
can be confident that we can
help you get to market faster.

New product
idea identification
Market knowledge, insight trends, customer feedback, collaborations

We’re at the cutting edge of IVD thanks to our global reach (>1,000 customers) and scientific knowledge, so we’re able to share insights into upcoming trends in the IVD fields.

Feasibility stage
Expert reagent guidance

Our product data and matched antibody-antigen pairs for more than 200 analytes help streamline selection of suitable raw materials.

Faster patient sample sourcing

Our wide offering of biospecimens reduces time spent sourcing positive and negative patient R&D samples.

Validation and registration
Consistent quality for faster approval

Our ISO 13485 accreditation plus our raw materials’ high batch-to-batch consistency supports reproducible validation data for new tests (and faster progress to regulatory approvals).

Seamless transfer to manufacturing

Our flexible processes mean simple scale-up in manufacturing. And with consistent quality and shipping accuracy, we can ensure efficiency in your manufacturing.

If there’s an IVD thing you need, chances are…

We I.V.DO that ™

Our capabilities are more diverse than you might think – and we’re always willing to take on a challenge so get in touch if there’s something you need help with.

We’ve invested in technologies to supply the highest quality of monoclonal antibodies while also expanding portfolios and capabilities to become a global, market-leading supplier to the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry.

We can offer you a customized contract manufacturing service that makes your antibody production effortless. The process includes evaluation and optimization through cell line adaptation, mycoplasma testing, production optimization and validation.

Customized and flexible

Extraction: aqueous, solvent detergent, digestion

Clarification: precipitation, centrifugation, UF / DF

Chromatography: SEC, affinity, ion-exchange

Viral clearance: filtration, solvent detergent, pasteurization

Final processing blending: lyophilization, formulated liquid

Analytical: clinical analyzers, ELISA, electrophoresis, HPLC


In vitro Production with uniform product quality from batch to batch

Fully certified quality control systems by ISO13485 and FDA QSR

Serum and protein-free culture media


Streamlined process can be scaled based on your needs – from milligrams to kilograms

5 mL - 20 L
20 L - 100 L
100 L - 10,000 L
  • Extraction: aqueous, solvent detergent, digestion
  • Clarification: precipitation, centrifugation, UF/DF
  • Chromatography: SEC, affinity, ion-exchange
  • Viral clearance: filtration, solvent detergent, pasteurization
  • Final processing blending: lyophilization, formulated liquid
  • Analytical: clinical analyzers, ELISA, electrophoresis, HPLC
Quality and consistency at the core of all our products, with excellent batch-to-batch uniformity and fully ertified quality-control systems.
manufacturing options

We work with customers across the globe to develop molecular diagnostics solutions for infectious diseases, genetic testing, personalized medicines, drug discovery, blood screening, veterinary and environmental applications.

The expertise within our MedixMDx team spans every aspect of molecular diagnostics development and manufacturing. And because we’ve been in your shoes, we can be by your side – for every step from concept to commercialization. Count on us to shorten assay development time and complexity, helping bring your product to market sooner.

Uninterrupted peace of mind from concept to commercialization

Proof of conceptR&DVerification and validationRelease for sale
  • Testing raw materials
  • (enzymes, buffers) or mastermix testing
  • Kit, primer / probe design
  • Pre-clinical testing
  • Assay optimization
  • Primer / probe mastermix
  • Optimization
  • Formulation
  • Lyophilization
  • Extensive performance testing
  • Stability
  • Precision
  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Clinical studies
  • Kit manufacturing readiness
  • Kit manufacturing
  • Registration
  • Regulatory approval
  • Sales
With diverse expertise, you can rely on us whatever your molecular diagnostic need
  • Raw material or testing
  • Products and technology
  • Sales support
  • Kits and primer design
  • Registration support
  • Kit manufacturing readiness assessments
  • Pre-clinical testing
  • Kit manufacturing
  • Quality-control testing
  • Performance testing

A comprehensive suite of reagents and services for molecular diagnostics applications. Our product offering includes nucleic acid extraction reagents, ready mixes, and enzymes, along with buffers, controls, consumables, and clinical specimens, all available at a scale to meet your needs. Our capabilities span a wide selection of technologies, including:

  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) / quantitative polymerase chain reaction (qPCR)
  • Reverse transcription polymerase chain reacion (RT-PCR)
  • Next generation sequencing (NGS)
  • Isothermal nucleic acid amplification technology (iNAAT)
  • CRISPR-Cas9 and TALEN-based gene editing
  • Microarrays
  • Droplet digital polymerase chain reaction (ddPCR)

Additionally, our agile and innovative approach means we can support other platforms as needed, tailoring our workflow to align with our customers’ unique requirements.

Medix Biochemica has over 30 years of experience developing numerous hybridoma cell lines as well as highly specific and potent monoclonal antibodies. So if you need something you don’t see in our ever-expanding product, just get in touch.

Full or partial custom development of antibodies including those of trending markers

Fit your custom needs including for trending technologies

A powerful alternative technique to the conventional hybridoma method

We can develop and validate custom cell-based assays for research and development or perform analyses by routine procedures

We’ve stepped up our investments in R&D and new technology innovation. We’re now able to offer additional state-of-the art technologies in antibody and enzyme development

Novel antibody discovery, native and recombinant, with mouse hybridoma and phage display technologies

Recombinant antibody design and engineering for enhanced performance

RNA and DNA polymerase engineering for increased robustness and high fidelity


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